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What is Counselling?

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Counselling helps people to better cope with issues and to explore their full potentials. With an understanding of their own feelings and the reasons behind the behaviour, people can feel more confident and better manage their emotional, behavioural, and social interactions. Professional support and interventions at an early stage of life are believed to have a profound impact.

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Child & Youth Counselling
Within a safe and supportive environment, children and young people can be helped to make sense of their thoughts, behaviours and feelings, and more importantly, to be encouraged to express themselves in various ways.

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Everyone is unique. I adapt different theories and ideas to meet every individual’s needs. Depending on age and interests, children and young people are free to choose ways in which they feel most comfortable exploring and expressing their thoughts and feelings, including talking, art and craft, role-playing, sand tray, puppets, singing, storytelling and board games.

Here are some issues I have explored with my clients,

  • Academic Stress

  • Anxiety, Low Mood or Anger

  • Self-Acceptance: low confidence and low self-esteem, feeling inadequate.

  • Self-Harm: self-hurting thoughts or behaviours.

  • Traumatic Experience: racial, bullying, sexual, or violent.

  • Loss or Bereavement

  • Relationship Issues: with family members, friends, or others.

  • Family Conflicts: including the issues caused by the conflicts among other family members.

  • Coping with Transitions: such as moving to a new school or house.

  • Coping with Adaptation: such as studying or living in a new country or culture.

  • Coping with Changes: such as a friend’s leaving or a new sibling.

Trauma and Relational Ruptures

When unexpected events occur, it is more valuable to focus on “what has happened to me”, rather than “what is wrong with me”. Past experiences are recorded in the body and the nervous system, shaping an individual’s coping strategies and future tendencies in all aspects of life.

With a holistic understanding of how past traumatic experiences can shape an individual’s life, relationships and overall mental health, my clients will be invited to mindfully tune in with their inner states. This involves connecting with their felt senses, emotions, movements and thoughts. Practices for self-regulation, such as grounding, breathing and mindfulness, will also be explored during our sessions together.

To learn more about Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, please visit here.

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Contact me now if you wish to discuss anything or to have an initial consultation with me.

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